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What's Your Problem? A Look Behind the Curtain

I was recently invited to talk with Jim McCarthy, host of the What's Your Problem? Podcast about the challenges I'm facing in each of my businesses. We had a great, and unfiltered conversation about business during a pandemic, politics, faith, and so much more! You may not agree with everything I say; but, I always try to stay honest and authentic... no more/no less.

I run a couple of different businesses and it was a great chance to get them all straightened out for everyone and also to talk about the challenges of small business ownership in a pandemic world. I took some risks in being SUPER transparent about my faith and especially diving into political discussions, which isn't a super uniting topic, right?


"Kristin hails from Nolensville and is currently building Adventure Alchemy and She Shoots Training. Prior to that, she’s been a hula-hoop fitness instructor, business/life coach and has been in a multitude of corporate work throughout her professional life.

Kristin had a rocket ship ride when she executed on the idea for Adventure Alchemy. Unfortunately, COVID was thrust into all of our lives and travel essentially came to a halt. The good news is that she also found a calling in training and empowering women with firearms. Thus, She Shoots Training was born!

Kristin’s problem is figuring out how to pivot for Adventure Alchemy to pick back up, but it may just be a case of waiting until the COVID fever has worn off. She’s also working through the challenges of so many ideas, so little time! A few things that came up:

  • How a trip to Tombstone birthed the idea for Adventure Alchemy

  • COVID stopped all travel

  • Tapping into a lifetime of firearms practice while counseling women

  • Being political on social media


Talking about the real problems (and possible solutions) of everyday business owners and professionals in and around Middle Tennessee and beyond... this is the What's Your Problem Podcast!"

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