About Kristin

I grew up around guns- mostly for hunting and "rodent control," as my dad would say. While I haven't really been "afraid" of guns, handguns weren't in my house. So, when I was gifted a .40cal handgun and carry permit class for my 30th birthday, I was excited. I also knew I had a lot to learn. The only problem was HOW do I learn?


I clearly remember the first time I walked into a gun range with my newly acquired handgun-- I. Was. Terrified. I felt stupid. I was surrounded by guys who knew all the things (or so I thought) and I felt like an outsider around all of these "tactical men." Thankfully, I stuck in there and immediately fell in love with pistol shooting and have been learning ever since. When you're excited about something you want to share it and what started as taking friends to the range has become something more!

"I've married my decades of experience in training and coaching with my conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to defend their life."

I have worked in training in one capacity or another since 2005, so it made perfect sense to share my love of training and passion for personal safety through what is now She Shoots Training.


What started as a way to help women navigate a challenging world, has grown into a mission to educate, equip, and empower women.  I'm excited about always learning and sharing it all with you. Are you ready?


Kristin Benton




  • Certified Pistol Instructor (NRA)

  • Certified Range Safety Officer (NRA)

  • Certified Chief Range Safety officer (NRA)

  • Certified Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor (NRA)

  • Certified Women on Target Instructor (NRA)

  • Certified Assistant Instructor (CSA)

  • OC/Pepper Spray Instructor (Agile Tactical)

  • Certified Handgun Instructor, State of Tennessee


  • Tac Con Defensive Training Conference, 2022

  • Tac Con Defensive Training Conference, 2021

  • Critical Casualty Care, Dr. Sherman House, 2021

  • Defensive Pistol, Tatiana Whitlock, 2021

  • Basic Pistol, NRA, 2020

  • Shooter Improvement, Nashville Armory, 2020


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