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Keynote: 2A Daddy 2nd Annual Clay Shoot
October 1, 2023

You carry every day because no one is coming to save you. The same philosophy applies to our legislation and government activity. Whether you want to be involved in politics or not - politics is involved with you. Listen to Keynote>>


Ferrier Files on Fox 17
September 14, 2023

She Shoots focuses on teaching women not only how to shoot, but how to carry a gun safely. Watch Now>>


USA Today Editorial
August 26, 2023

*also published in The Tennessean - August 27, 2023

"Americans' right to protect themselves should not be infringed or restricted. Read More>>


DC Project Press Conference - Nashville, TN
August 21, 2023

My daughter spoke at the press conference related to the special session on gun control. View Now>>


Tennessee Conservative
September 18, 2023

In a glaring example of why a decent amount of women, Liberal and Conservative alike, are in favor of gun ownership, a woman in Williamson County has chosen to transform a childhood of abuse and rape into something positive. Read Now>>


"Morning Line" on News Channel 5
September 14, 2023

Nick Beres is joined by the owner of She Shoots Training to talk about the importance of firearm training and what she teaches. Watch Now>> (4 videos)


DC Project Press Conference- Nashville, TN
August 21, 2023


Speaking in support of gun rights at the Tennessee capitol ahead of the Special Session. View Now>>


Civil Justice Subcommittee Hearing (HB2770)
March 8, 2022

Testifying in Tennessee House subcommittee on the problem with "Gun Free Zones." Watch Testimony>>

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