Handgun and  Ammunition


You can do this and I will help you every step of the way.

If you are registered for a Tennessee Enhanced Carry Permit Course, please let me know! You will want to have shot at least one time prior to taking that course and I will do my best to schedule your lesson prior to your class date. But remember, the permit is not the goal, it is the beginning of your journey. You must train and practice so you can be safe and effective.


To schedule a lesson, you can either email sheshootstraining@gmail.com or request a lesson through the online calendar. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours are not available for a refund and payment will not be applied to a future lesson.


Your lesson will either be at the outdoor location in Franklin or at the indoor range in Nashville. There is a $20 per person range fee that is separate from the lesson fee.

Staying Safe

For all live fire (shooting) sessions, you will need eye and ear protection, Don't worry about rushing out to purchase these quite yet. I do have some available for use in lessons, or you can purchase your own from our shop. Be sure you wear closed toe shoes, preferably pants, and NO low neckline shirts (short or long sleeve shirt recommended). While not required, a baseball-style hat is also great.

Ammunition & Targets

Targets are provided for your lesson. You will need a minimum of 25 rounds of ammunition, depending on the type of lesson. Ammo can be hard to come by, so we will talk about this when scheduling your lesson. Ammunition is not included in the lesson rates.