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Most new shooters are looking for guidance on how to start and I am commonly asked if you need to own a gun before taking lessons (Good don't!). Another common misconception is that the learning process ends with getting your permit. She Shoots training takes our responsibility to equip you with good information as seriously as we take equipping you with the physical tools to defend yourself.


You don't build a house without a solid foundation and if you're serious about protecting yourself and your family, you need that formidable base upon which to build. While there can be flexibility in the later steps depending on each individual's situation, we recommend following these steps to go from new shooter to proficient armed citizen:

  • Take the New Shooter Intro Class (available as an e-course, group class, or private session)

  • Schedule 2-3 lessons.

  • Take the state permit class.

  • Purchase a firearm with the help of a trainer.

  • Keep working with an instructor while incorporating independent practice.

  • Work with your trainer to select the right holster for you and learn to draw safely and effectively.

  • Learn defensive shooting techniques and tactics.

  • Make concealed carry a lifestyle - it's called "everyday carry" for a reason.

If you've bounced around in these steps and feel like you don't know where to pick up - that's ok! Reach out and we'll help you fill in any missing pieces and get you moving forward!



You can do this and I will help you every step of the way. To get started on the right foot, you'll want to know which lesson type is right for you. Carefully read the lesson descriptions below and reach out if you have any questions!

Lesson Location:

Private Instructor Range

2795 Owl Hollow Road, Franklin, TN 37064




If you are new to shooting, have only shot a little, or it's been a very long time, you will need to start with the New Shooter Intro Course. I understand that you may not be able to attend at the times this class is offered, or there may not be one on the schedule when you're ready to start and that is ok. In lieu of this seminar, you can take the online intro course, or a Private New Shooter Intro.

>> Learn more about this pre-requisite HERE.

STANDARD HANDGUN LESSON- 50 minutes, two ladies per session ($85/person)

There is a lot of value in hearing something taught, then seeing it done before doing it yourself. A lot is learned by observing the learning process in action and that is why our Standard Handgun Lesson is for two ladies per session. You do not have to have a second person, but we don't want you to be caught off guard when you arrive and find another person is also shooting with you. This approach was tested diligently before implementing as the standard and it has been incredibly successful from an instructional aspect and we've seen an incredible added benefit of new friendships forming!

SPECIAL PRIVATE: HANDGUN LESSON - 50 minutes, you all by yourself ($115)

If you have some very specific goals or skills you want to work on, or you simply do not want to share a lesson time with any other person, the "Special Private: Handgun Lesson" is the best choice for you. There will be no other shooter in your lesson. An extended session can also be booked if you want to double the length of your lesson time.



  • Cash or check for lesson payment. No digital payments accepted.

  • A firearm in good, safe condition if you have one, though it is not required for lessons.

  • Ammunition (see below), though ammunition is also available for purchase at the range.

  • Eye and Ear protection if you have it, loaner sets are available at your lesson at no additional cost.



A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, or the one you are using is recommended, though having 100 rounds on you is a best practice. You may use more or less but these are safe numbers for a standard lesson. It is always better to err on the side of too much than too little. Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range if you run out, but is not guaranteed.


You've scheduled your lesson and it's time to head to the range. Suddenly, you realize you have no idea how to dress! Not to worry! Below are some pointers to set you up for success:

  • Low cut tops are not recommended - particularly for new shooters! Brass casings are hot when ejected from the firearm and the worst place for those to go is down your shirt and especially down your bra! This may not make sense to you now, but trust me on this.

  • Dress for the weather. Layers are recommended. Lessons are at an outdoor range. Dress accordingly. Layers are always a good idea as time of day, cloud cover, etc will determine your comfort level.


  • We recommend pants, especially for new shooters.

  • Closed to shoes.


  • Cancellations/Reschedules are allowed with a minimum 36 hours notice.

    • Any changes inside of that window are a $30 fee. I used to collect a deposit to manage this but no longer do. It is entirely on the honor system and I’ve had ladies refuse to pay and then stop taking lessons. Don’t be that person.

  • NO SHOWS for ANY reason: full lesson amount due.

    • Emailed lesson reminder are sent automatically 24 hours prior to your lesson. DOUBLE CHECK that you have the correct lesson time in your own calendar.


WEATHER CONSIDERATIONS (All weather-related changes are announcements in the She Shoots Training Signal Group Chat.)

  • RAIN

    • If it is raining but I’m still teaching at the range, lessons are happening. That doesn’t necessarily mean we are standing in the pouring rain…we have plenty we can do in a variety of ways.

    • If you just don’t feel like coming out because of the weather, the full lesson amount is due. Back filling lesson times almost never happens.

  • COLD

    • Cold weather decisions are handled on a day to day basis.

      • If it’s “unsafe” or impractical for the instructor to be out for 5-6 hours, then lessons will be most certainly adjusted.

      • In the event of freezing temperatures, lessons or group sessions may be relocated to an indoor location TBD.

  • SNOW or ICE

    • If road conditions are unsafe, lesson may be cancelled. When possible an alternative teaching plan may be offered to those who are able to safely travel.

EXCEPTIONS: While this is a business, I am not lacking in understanding. If you have a family emergency, wake up with a sick kid or sick yourself, I’m not going to expect a cancellation fee. Please do not abuse this. 

Cancellation Polcy
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