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Educate - Equip - Empower

She Shoots Training exists to help women, particularly beginners, learn to protect themselves and their loved ones.


It can be intimidating for a woman to walk into a gun range. It feels like a "man's world" where we don't belong. But- YOU. BELONG. Not only do you have the right to be there, but you have the RESPONSIBILITY to protect yourself and your loved ones. You are not helpless.

As a woman, a lifelong student and teacher, as well as a sexual abuse and rape survivor, my life has been dedicated to helping women be confident in their skills and abilities.

How do you feel about guns? Nervous, scared, emotional, excited? This is the place for you. Free (optional) hugs included with every lesson!

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As I run errands, attend meetings and drive kids to their activities, I find myself looking at the women around me and wondering if they would be prepared to protect themselves or their loved ones if the occasion required it.


Sadly, I know the answer for most of the women I see... and it's NO. She Shoots Training exists to equip women with the skills and tools needed to have a fighting chance in a world that is ever more dangerous. After all, you don't get to make an appointment for an emergency.


Your mindset and understanding of a violent world is the foundation upon which all other skills are built. After that, the goal is to be equipped with a variety of options, tools, and abilities.

Take inventory, where have you put the time in and where do you have gaps. Check the schedule and follow She Shoots Training on social media to stay up to date on all the opportunities to shore up your Personal Safety Pyramid.

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The second amendment does not guarantee your right to protect yourself - that is a God-given right. Rather, the second amendment protects against infringement upon that God-given right.


I'm here to get you started with confidence. If you have any questions at all, I want to hear them!

Thanks for contacting She Shoots Training. We'll be in touch!

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